Oh, The Places We Go


Babka loves riding in the car!

Babka, the somewhat anxious, hates-to-be-left-alone, but amazingly sweet and super cute terrier has now been with us for a little over two weeks. After I got over my initial reaction of wanting to shoot myself (“What did I do? This is what I have to look forward to for the next 15 years? How will I survive?“) I have embraced the dog-owning life. I have met people I would not otherwise meet (Bogart’s owner, Brandon and

Babka playing in the park with her BFF, Henry.

Sassy’s owner… all sorts of humans who seem to not have names of their own) and have a whole new topic to talk about with strangers.


“Ooooh, your dog is so cute… what’s his name?

“Well, HER name is Babka, an she might jump on you. We’re working on that.”

Other than occasional jumping and barking, Babka has been very well behaved when we shlep her in the car to and from the mainland. She was cordial and friendly, except to a couple of men with beards who approached her too quickly, at the Orchid Bar.

Babka has had brunch at Azur. (By “had brunch”  I

I want to go! I don't care where you are going... I am coming along!

mean “sat under the table and had some water and treats while we overindulged”). Babka has also had dinner at The Flaming Buoy.

Not only has she done a good job of coping with people in public, (OK, a few outbursts, but really not too many), she has been invited over to friend’s houses, and she even got to have dinner at my parents house, which was a big deal (more for my parents than the pup).

Babka even gets to go on some less than exciting journeys as she accompanies me to see clients sometimes. OK, only one client, but she hangs out and I work.


It is so exhausting being cute all the time.

All in all, we take her with us wherever we can. This week’s new adventure is dog training classes at Petco in Fort Lauderdale and perhaps dinner at Il Mercato in Hallandale.




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