Pilot House, Key Largo


Worth the effort to find.

So there I was, driving northbound along the Overseas Highway when we decided to stop for lunch. Having done some research (OK, I Googled “Dog friendly restaurants in Key Largo” while my mom was driving) we settled on lunch at Snappers. Turns out, they only allow dogs in one small area of the outside, and only after 4 PM. That hardly seems dog friendly to me. After being rejected by Snappers, we headed to the Pilot House. This time I called ahead and made sure it is Babka-friendly. Indeed, it is. Pilot House is a little hard to find, but worth the two minute drive off the main

Pilot House is Babka-friendly!

road (again, many thanks to Google Maps). We arrived and were told to sit anywhere we like. Two women at a nearby table motioned us over to sit next to them, as they wanted to meet Babka. She makes friends very easily.


A waiter immediately came over with water for Babka and took our drink order. The setting, right on the water, is lovely and quiet. The menu is huge. Everything from soups and salads to tuna tacos and sandwiches. They also have fish dinners with several different preparations and a couple of steak choices.

We had a  blackened mahi mahi wrap, blackened mahi mahi fingers and a fish sandwich on rye with cheese and thousand island dressing. They were all quite good. The wrap was surprisingly easy to eat and did not fall apart, plus as a bonus, it came with always-enjoyable-but-never-really-needed French fries. The mahi fingers were well seasoned and the sandwich was delicious.

The portion sizes were good, but not huge. I think this is a good thing because (a) I have no will power and overeat often and (b) prices are low here, and I would love to see them stay that way.

Overall, the meal was delicious and a great value. If you are staying in Key Largo, or just driving through, a stop at the Pilot House is worth your effort. Plus, they have a glass bottom bar.

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