Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect, to gather with family and to eat. Some people watch football, too, but I will pass on that particular tradition. Tomorrow evening will bring twenty people to my house for an assortment of good eats. The menu includes:

To start we will have potato knishes, pigs (really kosher hot dogs) in blankets and some guacamole and chips. Then comes the good stuff. Salad with grilled vegetables and cranberry vinaigrette, butternut squash soup and a buffet with more carbs that should be legal. We’ll have the traditional roast turkey made on the grill to save oven space, sweet and sour meatballs, a mashed potato kugel, a sweet potato-bourbon-pecan dish, mushroom stuffing with fresh sage and cranberry sauce. Dessert includes apple pie, pumpkin pie and if I have extra time, something chocolate-y.

It is a lot to cook, but fortunately I will have my mother as my sous chef for the day. Friday I will post photos of the finished meal, so just as you are coming out of your turkey coma you can dream about reliving it.

Enjoy your holiday and whatever it is that you are thankful for this year. For me? Family, friends, dog and my fixed up knees so I can train for and run the New York Marathon in 2012.

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