Thanksgiving: The Photos

As promised, here is a recap of the great meal we had last night. The food was delicious, the company superb and the best part? Not tons of leftovers.

Florida Keys Guy shows off mad turkey carving skills.
Guacamole... not so traditional, but delicious. And with multi-color chips. Racial harmony in the chip basket. I was really embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving.
The traditional potato knishes and pigs in blankets. Sorry my cousin Marc missed the "doggies" as the last one went to the Doggie.
Butternut squash soup with an almond, coconut and green chile chutney. Thanks, Gourmet circa 1990, oh, and thanks to Google, too.
The salad course. Or, as I like to call it "Here's your opportunity for something healthy. Enjoy," with cranberry vinaigrette.
Sweet and sour meatballs... now THAT'S what tradition tastes like!
The turkey, the cranberry sauce... it's all delicious!
Bourbon sweet potatoes, mashed potato kugel and mushroom sage stuffing... mmmmm good!
Pumpkin pie and apple pie for dessert.
My cousin Danny, helping to insure there are no leftovers.
There is always good wine at Thanksgiving (and hopefully every other meal...)
Babka enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, and loads of attention!

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