Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow marks the first Thanksgiving in twelve years that we will not be hosting in our home. Instead I have pawned it off on my mother, who graciously agreed to take on the holiday – along with every other holiday that she already does – this year. I agreed to help her cook today, which I hope means that I get to make the stuffing. Why? Because mine is more awesome than most. The combination of mushrooms and onions combined with fresh sage is divine.

In between stuffing myself with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie, I will take a moment to be thankful for a lot of things, one of which is that I will not do any holiday shopping on Thursday (yikes!) or Black Friday. None. I just can’t.

Happy Thanksgiving. Try not to eat too much, and if you do, be thankful that you are wearing elastic waist pants. (Is that only me???)

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