It’s Labor Day

It’s Labor Day, and that means one thing: I have already had way too much fun this weekend. Any Federal holiday is a good excuse for social eating. As is pretty much every other day. Whether you are having a bbq, or going out, enjoy your time with family and friends. I know I will.

One of the great things about the Labor Day holiday is that it is about contributions workers have made to society, which we celebrate by not working. Seventeen years ago (yesterday), I celebrated the holiday by getting married. We have had numerous friends all get married on holiday weekends. Some of my closest friends – two couples – both got married Memorial Day weekend one year apart (18 and 19 years ago), and though I know their anniversaries are sometime around the holiday, I never know exactly what day. The result is that I usually wish them both a Happy Anniversary either several days early, or several days late depending on when the holiday falls. For a while everyone got a good reminder of our anniversary, as it was the day that Princess Diana died. Friends would see the news, remember Princess Diana and then call and wish us a happy anniversary. At least it was easy to remember.

This year, we’ve enjoyed the annual Azur closing party (which was, dare I say, the best ever), spending time with friends, enjoying Cacao and wine tastings at lush bar, and a whole lot of relaxing. This afternoon we will check out the newly remodeled Santiago’s Bodega, and hang out with friends.

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I have. As I mentioned last week, you can expect to see new stories here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To get new posts delivered directly to your inbox without the hassle of actually navigating here, simply enter your email address in the box to your left (or, on the bottom of the screen for mobile users). Either way, I’m glad you stopped by. Enjoy the holiday.