Tale of a Lost Dog

Chico, hanging out in my backyard. What a cutie.

Saturday morning, around 8AM, I was in bed, trying desperately to sleep away the illness that had suddenly appeared Friday night, when I heard a bit of a commotion downstairs. I dragged myself outside only to find that a lost dog had followed FKGuy home when he was out walking Babka and Latke. FKGuy called him Chico. 

I saw this adorable, small Maltese running around my yard, and my first thought was that someone was clearly missing this guy. He had no tags and no collar, and was gleefully running around the yard sniffing the girls’ butts. Latke chased Chico, Chico chased Latke and Babka supervised the whole situation.

I immediately turned to social media and posted his photo, which was shared about 150 times. That is a lot of action for a small island. Although a few people had seen him running around the streets for over a week, nobody knew where he belonged. This was clearly a cared for dog, not scared of people or other dogs and generally happy. Plus, his hair was free of mats.

Later that morning, FKGuy took little Chico over to the SPCA, to see if he had a microchip. No such luck. To my knowledge, the owner has not yet been found, and Chico is hanging at the SPCA (it is a no kill shelter, otherwise, he would likely still be at my house.)

While I am confident that Chico will find a good home, I think it is a good time to remind us all: PLEASE put a collar and tags on your pet at all times. Also, please microchip them, and then don’t forget to register the microchip.


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