Mo’s Restaurant, Key West

20160208_183816_resizedAlthough we have passed Mo’s tiny storefront location on White Street many times over the years, we have just tried it this week. Our first visit will not be our last, certainly. As we entered the eight table (plus a few bar stools) restaurant, initial impressions remind me of 1976. The wood paneling, haphazard, cheap furniture and poorly lit space are all overpowered by the aromas of fresh fish and spices. 

Onion soup, served in an appropriate vessel.
Onion soup, served in an appropriate vessel.

We joined a group of friends, and as a party of eleven, we were a boisterous bunch. Fortunately, there were only a few other people in that evening, and they all seemed too engrossed in their giant portions of food to care. We shared a French Onion soup, which actually arrived steaming hot, in an appropriate crock. The tasty soup was filled with thyme, onions and topped with gooey, melted cheese. You know it is a good soup when there is a trail of cheese stuck to your chin while eating.

FKGuy and I also shared the snapper, sautéed and topped with a flavorful, tomato based Creole sauce, and served with either rice and vegetables or potatoes and vegetables. Fresh fish, cooked perfectly topped with a garlicky, yummy sauce is always good. At $21, it is also a bargain. The side of potatoes were crispy, and vegetables cooked in a garlic butter. It seems a restaurant with a dancing garlic bulb on their sign would use a bit of garlic in the cooking and it did not disappoint. Others at the table enjoyed the seafood

Snapper topped with Creole sauce. Delish.
Snapper topped with Creole sauce. Delish.

Creole pasta, which was served in a huge bowl, and big enough for at least two hungry people.

The food was delicious, and we will undoubtedly be back for the fish dishes. Other finds on the menu include several types of quiche, escargot and goat in various preparations. When we were finished, we were brought out slices of key lime pie, which unfortunately, was the weak link in the meal. It lacked lime flavor, and was just strange.

Mo’s served wine and beer, and on this night we opted for beer instead of the overpriced wine list.

Although the place is not much to look at, the food is what shines here, and I am already looking forward to indulging in that delicious fish dish again soon. Mo’s is located at 1116 White Street in Key West and is open for lunch and dinner, closed on Thursday and Sunday.


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