Breakfast Don’t

You may have read here that finding breakfast with little wait can be problematic in the middle of the season. It’s true. So, when some friends were in town and wanted brunch, I thought we would try Camille’s. Although I hadn’t been there in several years, I was convinced that the food would not disappoint.

When we got there and put our name on the list, there were many tables open, some of which were set and ready for customers. Alas, there were many people waiting. Apparently, they did not have enough staff to cover all of the tables. So we wait. When I asked about the many open tables and seeming lack of staff, I was told, “It’s like this every weekend”. I have to ask: if it is like this every weekend, why, oh why, would you not hire some additional servers and possibly another cook?

After a thirty minute wait of people tripping over us, not enough seating in the waiting area and nearly swiping some breakfast of the people unfortunate enough to be sitting near me while I was waiting, we were finally seated.

We were greeted in as friendly a manner as one can be when you are understaffed and getting yelled at (not by us, mind you), and we were able to order coffee. When the coffee was dropped off we were told our server would be back to take our order in a moment. By the time we needed refills on our coffee, our order had yet to be taken and our waitress yet to reappear. After another ten minutes of trying to flag her down with no luck, we decide to leave. All in all we were there for a long, miserable hour. Obviously, I can’t comment on the food, since we were not given the opportunity to eat any. If you’ve been there, I’d love to hear from you.

If Camille’s were in Glamour magazine, they would have a big black bar across them. As for us, we opted out and went to Chico’s on Stock Island, where there is always good food and service.

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