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I don’t want you, my dear reader, going around thinking that I cannot possible have a good breakfast in Key West. After having some impressive salmon tartare during the Key West Food and Wine Festival, we decided to try Blackfin Bistro. The brunch menu is an array of omelets, sandwiches, burgers and salads. The specials that day included a hogfish sandwich with avocado, salmon tartare and fried goat cheese. Additionally, you can order off of the back of the menu (the dinner section) at any time of day. I love that kind of flexibility. It is so unlike Turtle Kraals, who won’t serve you breakfast after 11AM even if you are seated prior to the cutoff time.

 The wine list at Blackfin is serviceable with some decent choices. However, the same wine being sold at Mangia Mangia for $45 is sold at Blackfin for $60. That’s a little greedy if you ask me, which I know you did.

The soup of the day was a delicious tomato ginger concoction. Not overly creamy, IMG_0210and velvety smooth. The hogfish sandwich special was perfectly cooked, with ripe avocado and aioli, all served with delicious fries. The omelet was well cooked, not the least bit runny, and had loads of filling. All dishes came with a side salad, which frankly, was a little gritty and could have used another washing.

Overall, Blackfin Bistro is quite good. The omelet at $9 is a bargain, but the $9 for a bowl of soup, not so much. I am looking forward to a return visit.

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