I ♥ NY

The great thing about New York City is the many things there are to do, at all times. Last week, I was in New York for a few days. I landed Thursday, shared a car with someone I knew on my flight, and headed to my friend’s place on the Upper West Side. From there, I met my friend for lunch, went to the east side to see a friend who just had a baby and met yet another friend at Bloomingdale’s (don’t get me started on their horrific wedding registry service) for the God’s Love We Deliver fundraiser. This is an organization that delivers meals to home-bound people living with life-threatening diseases, free of charge. When I lived in NY in the late 1990s, I volunteered in the kitchen, helping to prepare and package meals at 6AM every Monday morning. It is a great organization. If you live in NY, go spend a day with a driver delivering meals.

As with any non-profit, they are always trying to raise money. This event was a silent auction for housewares, with the tabletops done by famous designers, like Jonathan Adler. They served wine and hors d’oerves, had very few speeches, and I met Tamara Tunie. (She is the medical examiner on Law and Order: SVU, and is a lovely person).

The best thing about New York, though, is this: After leaving this event on the 6th floor, we were able to “stop by” (read: crash) another event on the 4th floor where they had good chocolates, I know, I had many, and champagne, then proceed to the first floor music event where they were fresh out of beverages, so that was short lived. From there we went to a wine tasting at Union Square Wines. This all happened before dinner in the East Village. More on that later.

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