An Appetite For Murder, by Lucy Burdette

I will admit, when Lucy Burdette’s book showed up at my door, I was a little surprised. I don’t usually do book reviews, but I do read. Sometimes grudgingly. I read books for my book club once a month, but it has been a while since I enjoyed one of those, and frankly, I have read some truly awful book club books. So, I was delighted to have a novel in hand – paperback, no less – to read while lounging on the deck.

An Appetite for Murder is the perfect read-on-the-deck , (or in an airplane, or on your lunch break, or in the bathroom) kind of book, especially if you are planning a trip to Key West. The plot is straightforward: a murder mystery, love triangle sort of affair. The characters are well developed and likable (or not so likable, as the author intends). She captures the essence of Key west in many ways that I love: great restaurants, running into people you know all the time and how outrageously expensive it is to live here.

Lots of people think they’d love to eat for a living. Me? I’d kill for it.” This is how we meet our food-obsessed, no-income having,

B.O.'s Fish Wagon, one of the many local restaurants in the book.

relying on kindness of friends, tarot card addicted main character. Of course it kept me coming back for more, since I thought she was talking about me. The plot revolves around a murder and our main character, Hayley Snow, trying to dig her way out of being a suspect, all while applying for a job as a food critic for a new magazine where the murder victim is her potential boss. Oh, and she is the woman currently sleeping with the reason Hayley moved to Key West, Chad.

The murder weapon of choice is uniquely Key West. The restaurants visited in the book are real places, all with stories of their own, and all captured perfectly.  If you are planning a trip to Key West, have ever been here or even thought about visiting one day, you are going to want to read An Appetite for Murder. It is a quick read and will undoubtedly put you in a better mood, especially if there is some snow falling where you live.

An Appetite for Murder is available from Amazon, and I would imagine, whatever other bookstores are left.

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