Aurorae Beach Towel Giveaway

Babka loves the Aurorae microfiber towel!
Babka loves the Aurorae microfiber towel!

Aurorae, the company behind yoga mats and yoga accessories (which I hear are great, but since I only wear the pants…) sent me one of their new microfiber beach towels to try out. They are also giving one of these fluffy towels¬†away to a lucky reader.¬†

The Aurorae beach towels are oversized, which I find to be a necessity. I like to be completely ensconced in a towel, and if I can dry my hair, while the towel is still wrapped around me, that is a bonus. This plush terry towel is soft, comfortable and dries quickly. That, my friends, is the beauty of microfiber.

Latke likes to snuggle in a nice, plush towel, too.
Latke likes to snuggle in a nice, plush towel, too.

I have learned that this awesome beach towel is not just for humans. Need to rinse off the dog? This towel will get even a fairly large dog dry in no time. Granted, most dogs are fairly large compared to Latke’s 10 pound frame. Nonetheless, Babka and Latke both enjoyed the super soft towel. (Not that anything would make them like bath time any better, unless of course, we renamed “bath time” to “run around the yard some more” time, and skipped over the whole shampoo and water parts.)

Enter to win your own and make your friends jealous as they sit on drenched towels, and yours is dry by the time you get back from the beer run.

Note that the contest starts August 4, at 12:00 midnight and ends August 11 at midnight. Get going!
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