Restaurant Review: Six Toed Cat

Located across the street from the Hemingway House, where there are actual six-toed cats,  is Six Toed Cat, the restaurant. I went there for lunch on a recent Saturday afternoon. The interior is a little sparse, but the tables are shaped like paws – with six toes, naturally. Otherwise there is not much to look at. I would have sat on the lovely deck overlooking Whitehead Street had every other patron not had that same idea. So we sat inside, in air conditioned comfort. The Six Toed Cat is open for breakfast and lunch daily. Although the menu is small, it is well thought out. Breakfast foods include omelets, a steak and egg burrito and French toast. Lunch selections include a slew of panini choices, some breakfast selections and salads.

One of the highlights is the tuna burger. It really annoys me when restaurants call something a “burger” just because they put it on a bun. Often times, a tuna burger is nothing more that a piece of tuna, usually seared and slapped on a bun. Not here. The tuna burger was made from ground tuna and was full of flavor. The panini and burritos were quite good, as well. The tuna burger, however, was the star of the show.

The oh-so-yummy tuna burger (tastes better than it looks)

On the other hand, service was only okay. Nobody was rude, but they were not friendly, either. It was a bit slow and haphazard. Our food did come as ordered, and ice teas were (eventually) refilled.

Overall, I found the Six Toed Cat to be a perfectly fine place for a sandwich. Would I go back? Sure. But I am not in a rush, and it is definitely not one of the places that is on my radar all the time. Perhaps next time I have jury duty.

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