Key West Restaurants: Closed for Vacation

I interrupt my vacation recap of eating, drinking, hiking and biking for a little public service announcement. September is the month restaurants dread most, as there are few tourists and the island is generally quiet. So this is the time of year when many restaurants close for vacation. Before you plan your next meal, take stock of who is closed. Here are some of the restaurants you won’t get to enjoy for a few more weeks.

  • The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. This one is especially challenging for me since I eat there so often. Reopening September 22.
  • Blue Heaven. Just when you think you can eat there without a wait, they close for vacation until October 7.
  • Better than Sex. I believe they are closed the month of September.
  • Colombian Grace. No great loss.
  • Azur. Reopening early October. Early October can’t come too soon.
  • Thai Life (the floating Thai restaurant). No pad Thai for me until October.
  • Fin. Back in October.
  • Louie’s Upper Deck. Reopening October 6.
  • La Creperie. Closing on September 19th for four long weeks.

On a happy, let-them-eat-nachos note, Chico’s Cantina has reopened from vacation as of yesterday.

As there are many closures, the restaurants that are open have big discounts (some are locals only, so check in advance) and therefore are pretty crowded. Make a reservation. I know it is supposed to be quiet, but trust me, you do not want to show up at Santiago’s Bodega on 50% off night without a reservation. You will be waiting a long time for your tapas.

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